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Stone, a review

Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich and Frances Conroy… put this bunch together and you’ve got a film that will burn your fingers, singe your eyebrows, trigger psychotic breaks and leave you gasping for air like a fish flopping … Continue reading

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Extreme tot fighting… not!

Mixed martial arts (bare-knuckle fighting, otherwise known as cage fighting, or extreme fighting) is quite simply white trash beating the crap out of white trash raised to an art form. Oh, wait… it’s not just white trash who hold the franchise on … Continue reading

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Endless education …

My interests are eclectic. Since childhood, I have pursued avenues of study that interested me. When I decided to become a writer, I decided that I needed to be a better reader. So, while writing for anyone who would hire … Continue reading

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Hating the New York Yankees…

Egad… I didn’t think anybody hated the New York Yankees as much as I do, but I found this guy (the Wheelchair Kamakazee) whose hatred of the team tops mine. He and I are not alone … a Google search for the … Continue reading

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The Marine Building

The Marine Building at 355 Burrard in Vancouver was the tallest building in the British Commonwealth when the McCarter-and-Nairne-designed structure was completed in 1930. Today, dominated by towering glass and metall skyscrapers on all sides, it is interesting to imagine … Continue reading

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Destroying the future 10,000 hours at a time…

Yesterday’s  issue of 24 H has a review of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The headline says “From 2-D to 3-D killing.” The story opens with: “Sticking a piece of broken glass in a guy’s mouth and punching him in the … Continue reading

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Saw RED this afternoon … The film is pure parody, a send-up of the action/espionage genres. Its screenplay won’t win awards, but the film works on every level. It’s fun. It’s funny. I laughed my head off. My film companion, however, … Continue reading

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Gangstas at sea…

The photo below is the Sun Sea, a ship loaded with 500 Tamil refugees, migrants, economic migrants, or whatever term you want to use to describe hundreds of human beings crowded like cattle  on a rust bucket built to carry … Continue reading

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de-Friending on Facebook

I booted a guy off my Facebook page recently. I had written something about the miners in Chile and this guy (whom I could not remember from high school but who claimed to have graduated with me), posted a bit … Continue reading

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My morning paper

For the past decade, I have been following news threads that have pronounced the end of the printed newspaper. The only thing missing is the bearded, be-robed comic character holding up a sign saying “the end is nigh.” Of course, … Continue reading

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