Extreme tot fighting… not!

Mixed martial arts (bare-knuckle fighting, otherwise known as cage fighting, or extreme fighting) is quite simply white trash beating the crap out of white trash raised to an art form. Oh, wait… it’s not just white trash who hold the franchise on this idiotic event. There are  other trashy races involved. Excuse me…
The objective of the fighters is “concussing an opponent into defencelessness through blunt head trauma; disabling an opponent through joint subluxation, dislocation, or soft tissue trauma; causing unconsciousness through a neck choke; or forcing an opponent into submission through a variety of the above techniques.” (the Mixed Martial arts Injury Report prepared by the Sports Injury Bulletin)

Before we progress here, we should be reminded that the much older sport of boxing moved away from this level of brutality with the advent of the TKO (technical knockout) and the mandatory eight count (requiring a fighter to stay down to the count of eight before getting up, thus giving the ref a moment to observe whether a head injury has occurred and judge whether  a fight should be stopped). MMA took the large padded gloves off the fighters (who nonetheless sustain intelligence-threatening head injuries), allowed the opponent to be knocked down and pelted while on the ground, allowed choke holds and allowed elbow or knee kicks to the head.

We also need to be reminded that with the sport of boxing and the sport of MMA, there are promoters who make major quantities of cash for staging the fights. The promoters in both arenas resist anything that threatens the flow of cash, and work hard to lobby governments at all levels to sanction their forms of entertainment.

Now, back to the report, which  uses the research of Dr George Buse to categorize the injuries and potential injuries as head impact (blunt force), muscoloskeletal stress to the joints, neck chokes and miscellaneous trauma. The head isn’t just pounded with fists, it can be struck with knees and elbows.

Doctors in Canada have urged a ban on MMA because of the trauma they see in emergency rooms on the nights when MMA events are held.

“It’s savage and brutal. The aim is to disable and maim your opponent. … We should not tolerate this so-called sport in a civilized society,” Victor Dirnfeld, an internal medicine specialist from Richmond, B.C., told the general council of the CMA in Niagara Falls, Ontario (THE GLOBE AND MAIL).

Doctors opposing the sport note that nearly half of the matches end in a knockout or chokeout, and they see the results in emergency rooms. Extreme fighters are not scored on points, as in boxing (quite brutal but tame compared to MMA).

Here’s what has me going this morning: they’re now encouraging MMA garbage among children (Vancouver Sun).

It used to be that children were taught martial arts to improve their confidence, give them self-defense skills, keep them active with vigorous exercise, and instill mental discipline. MMA is an aggressive attack technique, it provides none of the benefits cited for kung fu or karate or judo. It is piurse-motivated, hybridized street fighting, it is weaponized kung fu.

There is something about one bald alpha bully holding down a lesser dog and pounding his head repeatedly that reeks less of sport and more of gangland enforcers.

MMA is ugly. Do we want children exhibiting this behavior or promoting this value?

I remember street fights like this when I was in high school. I remember fighters who would do anything to beat up the other kid, including biting, eye gouging, and groin kicking.

Winning was everything.

The winners of these fights sometimes went on to become drug couriers for gangs  and a few pumped gas as a life’s vocation.

Now they televise street fighting and glamorize it.

Legitimizing extreme fighting matches among children is a bad idea.

John Shinnick

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