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VANDUSEN Botanical Garden, More than a park

More than a park.

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I have played around with a number of so-called recipes for licorice on the web and have extrapolated the following. This one works, while some of the others were posted by people who admit that they have never made licorice … Continue reading

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Nodus …

Nodus, from the book “1000 Most Challenging Words.” Node. Thorny plot point. The root.

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Edith Piaf …

There has been no singer even “kinda” like Edith Piaf. Her music and her life were entwined. The pain and tragedy of her story were painted with bold strokes into her songs like a Van Gogh painting, and her honesty … Continue reading

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Internet forums awash with unintelligent chatter

Internet forums awash with unintelligent chatter.

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